Baby you got me all wrong.
And maybe Iím not at all down and out.
Iím high and Iím in.
Donít you know who I am.
Iím the jaded one with pop insensitivity.
When I finish struggling,
We can make our way to the dance floor and stand like strangers in an elevator
Stuck between stories.
I always find myself in the middle of your stories.
With the cameras as a witness I will suffer.
Everything I do is wrong.
But by god I do it right.

We donít dance no no no.
We got class.
No we donít have any fun at all.
Itís the new style and we know it.
Weíre not stunning, weíre just stunned and weíre lying for a living.
Donít you know who I am.
Iím the real thing with low-key sensibilities.
I donít need what Iíve got half as much as everyone covets it.
If loving me is wrong, then god damn you do it right, it turns us on to turn you down.

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